'Looper' Gets A New Poster In Dailies!

Looper Banner

We could not be more excited for Rian Johnson's "Looper," and this brand new poster doesn't make waiting any easier.

Also, learn where "Star Wars" earned all its money and watch Darth Vader get a parking ticket in Dailies!

» Wonder where all of George Lucas' "Star Wars" money came from? [Wired]

Star Wars Info

» How did "Snow White and the Huntsman" end up with five screenwriters? Here's an explanation. [Twitch]

» "Looper" gets a new, ominous poster that teases the time machine. [IGN]

Looper Poster

» As a rule, things are sexier when read by the voice of Iago from "Aladdin." [LiveLeak]

» Now you will always think of "The Grey" as a "Batman Begins" prequel. [Reddit]

The Grey Batman

» Even Darth Vader must obey the rules of the meter maid. [BuzzFeed]

» The Week has some theories about why "Hatsfields & McCoys" is such a hit. [The Week]

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