Charlize Theron Is 'Super Intimidating,' Says Kristen Stewart

Charlize Theron is a force of nature. The actress screamed so much on the set of "Snow White and the Huntsman" she tore a stomach muscle. We kid you not. During MTV's second annual Sneak Peek Week, Theron's co-stars Kristen Stewart and Sam Claflin stopped by to bring us an exclusive look at their film and we had to ask what it was like working with such a powerful actress.

"I didn't cross paths with her too much in the film," Claflin said. "However, pretty much everytime that she walked on set she kind of had this presence—the Charlize Theron, I call it now. She's a very strong-willed, independent woman."

Stewart agreed, saying Theron was "super intimidating." "We have such completely opposite energies," she revealed. "I mean, I cannot begin to describe to you. I was very curious initially how that was going to go."

As it turns out, it went really well. Both thespians get along great, Theron told MTV News at the film's England press junket earlier in the month. She credited their great dynamic to the age old phrase "opposites attract." Stewart agrees.

"It's so much fun to find people that you can like really have that push and pull with, especially on a set," she said. "And that's what we needed. I think the most surprising thing is when we started actually working, it was so instantly like, 'You! You totally do this. I do this. We should do this together.' "

Suffice to say, the actresses have serious chemistry—maybe a little more chemistry than they admit. While Theron couldn't make it to Sneak Peek Week, she sent her own question via video: "I want to know if Sam and Kristen realized that when they kiss in the movie that really, Kristen, you're making out with me. Did you guys realize that? And I just wanted to know if Sam lived up to the expectation of how good of a make out I am. And I [also] want to know if you ever want to have the opportunity to see how I really do it."

Sounds like she's making you an offer, KStew.

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