'Snow White And The Huntsman' Didn't Require Much Training, Says Kristen Stewart

When you watch "Snow White and the Huntsman," there's little doubt that the characters on the screen know what they're doing. They can wield two axes at the same time. They know how to ride horses. They can suck the youth out of helpless peasants. (Maybe not that last one.)

So it was a surprise that Kristen Stewart admitted during her interview for MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week that preparing for the film was less about training and more about expecting the worst.

"I think it was way more about getting ready to go through hell rather than learning fight sequences and stuff," Stewart said. "Every time I learned something, it was so not right [for the character]. Everything that I do in the movie, I could physically do."

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Stewart's co-star, Sam Claflin, on the other hand, had more than his fair share to do. Although, most of that had to do with being compared to Chris Hemsworth.

"For me, I had Chris Hemsworth to look at constantly," Claflin said. "Way to make you feel less of a man. I think the producers wanted me to be him, but he couldn't play both parts. I was training quite a lot. One day I was on set when he took his top off and said, 'Can you hold this?' and [his stomach] is literally an ironing board," he joked. "It was hard. It was very hard work."

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