'Django Unchained' Fan Posters: Better Than The Real Thing In Dailies!

Django Fan Banner

While we're beyond-eagerly awaiting the arrival of Quentin Tarantino's next film, "Django Unchained," we found this fan posters helpful in staving off our craving.

Also, go behind the scenes of "Hugo" and connect the dots of the Tarantino universe in today's Dailies!

» We know that these "Django Unchained" posters are fan made, but you could have fooled us. [Tumblr, OMGitsJohnSmith]

Django Fan Poster

Django Fan Poster

» This behind-the-scenes look at the sequence shot from "Hugo" proves that movies are actually magic. [The Playlist]

» I know we should feel sorry for the guy who painted himself green like the Hulk with paint meant for missiles and ended up with stained skin, but we really don't. [The Sun]

Dumb Hulk

» One Redditor has a crazy theory about the Quentin Tarantino film universe that might have some merit to it. [Reddit]

» The New York Times make a fascinating comparison between Noomi Rapace's and Rooney Mara's "Girl With the Drago Tattoo" performances. [NYTimes]

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