Exclusive 'Red Lights' Posters Screw With Your Head

De Niro Red Lights

Almost six months after the fact, the first releases from this year's Sundance Film Festival are beginning to roll out. One of the most talked about movies from the fest, Rodrigo Cortés' "Red Lights" starring Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy, is scheduled to hit theaters on July 13.

In the lead-up to release of the psychological thriller, we're unveiling four exclusive character posters from "Red Lights." The prints feature head shots of the four leads (De Niro, Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, and Elizabeth Olsen) with teasing phrases, like "What do you think you know?" and "Don't trust your eyes."

Check out the full posters and learn more about "Red Lights" after the jump!

In "Red Lights," Weaver and Murphy play paranormal investigators who specialize in uncovering frauds. When famous psychic Simon Silver (De Niro) comes out of retirement, Murphy's character becomes determined to reveal the show as a hoax. But as the posters tease, everything is not as it seems.

The supernatural thriller hits theaters on July 13.

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