Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Grey For 'The Tomb'

At long last, we have an actual look at Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of "The Tomb" and they look, well, their age.

Entertainment Tonight aired a video report of their "The Tomb" set visit, and in it we see Schwarzenegger and Stallone looking a bit grayer than we've ever seen them before. We like the wizened looks, and it seems like it's in keeping with the movie's plot.

According to "The Tomb's" official plot synopsis, the film follows Stallone as Ray Breslin, "the world's foremost authority on structural security."

"After being framed by persons unknown, all of Breslin’s ingenuity and expertise are about to be put to work in the most challenging test he’s ever faced: escaping from a high-tech prison facility that’s design is based on his own protocols. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Emil Rottmayer, a complex inmate with multiple shades of gray," the synopsis reads.

Multiple shades of gray, indeed. During the interview, the stars addressed why they think it took so long for the both of them to team up on the big screen. Apparently it was all about getting the timing right.

“The funny thing is we have tried, I think, our entire careers to always work together. We have talked about it for three decades and it never happened. I think we tried maybe too hard," Schwarzenegger said. "But now after the governorship, somehow this just fell into place.”

According to Stallone, there was a little more to it than that.

“I think in the beginning we were competitive -- there’s no question about it. A little alpha territorial. And then we realized it was good for our careers [to work together]," he said.

There's no question that "The Tomb" is going a bit old school in its approach to the action genre, and Stallone said that's intentional. He claims that it's the proliferation of superhero films that is dilluting the classic action genre.

“This genre unfortunately is becoming... let’s just say it’s fading away," he said. "You have the superheroes today which are possessed with all extraordinary powers; they can blink and a fireball comes out of there. It’s great. And then you have a bunch of us which is just your basic male-pattern badness. ... Kind of like hands-on action.”

Thanks to Screen Rant for pointing this out.

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