Tim Burton Selects Shannon Brooks As 'Abraham Lincoln' Art Contest Winner

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Few movies have us more intrigued than "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." With a title like that, you know exactly what you're going to get: the sixteenth president of the United States going stake to fang against a pack of blood-suckers. Doesn't get more awesome than that.

Ahead of the film, Fox launched an official "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" Art Contest some weeks ago, with producer Tim Burton personally selecting the winner of the competition… and that winner has been selected: Shannon Brooks, the creator of the fantastic tribute to Honest Abe you see above you.

See Burton's selection and find out more about Shannon in the Q&A past the jump!

What is your background as an artist?

I’ve been drawing for ever since I can remember. I ended up taking a graphics class when I was in high school and that’s what got me into the graphics and from there I started doing paintings also.

Do any other artists inspire your work?

Tim Burton has been my idol and inspiration behind my work for years now. He’s the only one that has ever inspired any of my work.

What inspired you to enter the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter art contest?

I saw that Tim Burton would be picking the winner out of the top 5. Once I read that I had to do something, I really wanted him to see a piece of my work.

Why have you chosen to support the Patriot – or Vampire – cause?

I chose Patriot because that was the first idea that popped into my head. I instantly got an idea for it then I got to work making it.

What ideas ran through your head while you created this artwork?

I kept thinking the same thing over and over. Make it look awesome, something tons of people will like, something Tim Burton would choose to be the winner. But at the same time make it something that I’d be proud of.

How does art affect people, in thought or action?

Art has a different effect on every person. Some art forms (no matter what form it may be in) often can act as an inspiration for other people to become creative in their own ways. To some people it can be an escape from everything. There’s no limit to the inspiration or affect because there’s no limit to art. It’s all around us in every single form. This world would be a boring place if art didn’t exist. What other way would people be able to express themselves?

If you win the Grand Prize, whom will you invite to your private midnight screening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

I would invite my family and friends. Those are the people who have stood behind me and supported me through all of this.

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