'Take This Waltz' Exclusive Clip: Seth Rogen Babies Michelle Williams

Romance movies rarely offer a look behind closed doors. They'll show the couple on a pond ice skating in the winter or walking along the beach engaged in a conversation to define their relationship. But in this exclusive "Take This Waltz" clip, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen mirror a married couple's everyday tasks as they have a small bout, following a scene of intimacy.

Williams plays Margot, a 28 year old freelance writer happily married to her husband Lou (Rogen). Their interaction in this clip sets up their visible love for each other. He looks affectionately at her saying, "I'm glad you're here." She treads over and wraps her arms around him as he's cooking breakfast. They end up in a giggly, playful embrace on the floor before things start to go south.

Their flirtatious banter comes to a halt when Margot asks him not to kiss her and call her baby at the same time. Frustrated, Lou gets up and continues making breakfast as Margot sips her coffee apologizing. And there lies the crack in her life that Daniel (Luke Kirby) may be able to fill.

When Margot meets her neighbor Daniel, an artist and rickshaw driver, she quickly begins falling for him. Soon she gives into her desire to be close to him and starts exploring this new relationship—despite her reservations telling her to stay away.

"Take This Waltz" hits theaters on June 29.

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