Gary Oldman Will Build 'RoboCop'

Gary Oldman

Jose Padilha's "RoboCop" occupies a curious spot on our anticipation meter. On one hand, who can say "no" to a remake of the 80s classic directed by the guy behind the badass Brazilian action flicks, "Elite Squad" and "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within"? That premise alone had us interest, but casting Joel Kinnaman had us scratching our heads a bit.

Thankfully, Gary Oldman has come along to make things very clear for us.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Academy Award-nominated actor is joining the remake, tentatively scheduled to come out next summer. And we can confirm that we're officially on board with the "RoboCop" remake.

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According to the report, Oldman will play Norton, the brilliant scientific mind who saves Officer Alex Murphy (Kinnaman) from the brink of death and creates everyone's favorite cyborg cop.

Like any good "RoboCop" movie, Norton will have to wrestle with the fact that part of his creation is still human, yet he still has a job to do and an evil corporation to answer to.

The THR report also declares Oldman the "top-grossing actor of all-time," a claim we're not entirely sure is accurate. Though Oldman certainly has his fair share of hits between Christopher Nolan's Batman films and the Harry Potter franchise, that honor is usually credited to Samuel L. Jackson, whose name graces the credits of both "Star Wars" and Marvel Universe movies.

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