The Rock Confirms 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Reshoots In Today's Twitter-Wood

I'll admit it: I'm a bit heartbroken by the new "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" release date. In case you're late to the news, the second "G.I. Joe" flick has been pushed back from its original June 29 release date, now scheduled to arrive on land, sea and air on March 29, 2013. That's a full nine months later than it was supposed to hit. It's tough news to swallow for "Joe" fans far and wide, but leading man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is staying positive.

Johnson took to Twitter to confirm the news of the new "Joe" release date, writing: "Commitment to make GI JOE a massive world event just got bigger. New release 3/29/13. Rock + Ass kickins + 3D = #AwwwwS---." He also confirmed reports that the film's planned 3-D conversion will require reshoots; according to Johnson, the Paramount team is "designing new scenes to enhance 3D."

Even with Johnson's optimism, it's not easy to share his outlook. Still, I'd rather see an awesome "G.I. Joe" movie further down the line than a sub-par "G.I. Joe" movie in just a month, and I'm hopeful that the delay gives Jon Chu and his colleagues enough time to get everything exactly right. In the end, I echo the notion of another of Rock's followers, @DDPYogaDad: "I'm patient, boss. Don't mind waiting to see @TheRock & Bruce Willis putting #Boots2Asses in 3D." True enough.

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