'Snow White' Director Believes He Can Make 'Halo' Movie Work

Studios have been trying to bring "Halo" to the big screen for several years now, and all have tried and failed. But in a new interview with MTV News, "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders said he thinks he has what it takes to make "Halo" a successful film.

"I believe that given the freedom, I could make it work," he said. "I think the problem is that there are so many laws existing and so many people you have to be beholden to. [I would make it] if they said to me, here's the 'Halo' world, go do it, which would never happen."

Sanders is no stranger to the "Halo" universe. In 2007, he was hired by Bungie to make a commercial for "Halo 3." He later was brought back to shoot a 90-second, live action commercial for a spin-off game, "Halo: ODST," that earned him critical acclaim.

"I was given a great kind of idea of that commercial and we went to Hungary and shot it in a working coal-fired power station and we just did the best we could with quite a limited budget, to be honest, and had a lot of success," Sanders said of the making of the "ODST" commercial. "I think that 'Halo' is a hard property because they don't need to make a film. They make far more money out of the games so why risk? There's a lot of bad versions of movie video games. Very few that work."

It was that ad that had many clamoring for him to take the reins on a big screen "Halo" adaptation. It ended up going to Jackson and Blomkamp, though that was scrapped because of a bloated budget (here's a detailed look at the history of the game's planned adaptation).

Though Sanders is passionate about bringing "Halo" to the big screen, he doesn't care as much about trying to break into the comic book movie genre. Instead, it seems like his interests are more rooted in sci-fi, and he said he is working on a new project that he will hopefully start on now that "Snow White and the Huntsman" is almost in theaters.

"I'd like to make a science fiction film, I'm working on one loosely based on the Battle for Algiers. Again, thematic, slightly political. I think you can get away with being a bit more political in science fiction," he said. "We just got a first draft, so I think in the next kind of month or two we'll have a better version of it and hopefully start to put together the world."

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