Disney Puts 'Order Of The Seven' On Hold

Saoirse Ronan

It seems like "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Mirror Mirror" won the battle of the Snow White movies. Disney had been developing their own dark take on the beloved fairy tale called "The Order of the Seven," but new reports say that they have put the project on hold indefinitely.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news, citing the movie's large budget as a reason for the cancellation. Apparently after the deemed box office failures of Disney's "John Carter" and Universal's "Battleship" -- both with budgets over $200 million -- Disney has decided to reassess their big tentpole movies.

"The Order of the Seven" was planned to be a Hong Kong-set spin on the classic Snow White tale starring Saoirse Ronan and being directed by first timer Michael Gracey. The kung fu flick would follow a young woman who escapes her wicked stepmother and turns to an international band of seven warriors to protect her. According to THR, they would belong to "an ancient order dedicated to fighting demons and dragons." Even as early as last week, Disney had hired "Iron Man" scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby to clean up the script.

Apparently the resignation of studio head Rich Ross also had something to do with "Order" being scrapped. Ross had been overseeing the development of the movie, but left Disney in April after "John Carter" did not prove profitable. Right now, Disney has not named a replacement for him as head.

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