Nick Frost Talks 'World's End' At 'Snow White' Premiere

At long last, the end of the world is upon us! Not literally, no, but the fan-favorite trio behind "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" — Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright — are finally set to join forces again for "The World's End," their latest genre-bending picture about five old friends who reunite to replicate an epic pub crawl from their boyhood; calamity and hilarity ensue.

That's about all we know of "World's End," which is supposedly the third and final act in Wright, Pegg and Frost's Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. But even if this is the end of the fan-dubbed Blood and Ice Cream movies, it won't be the last time the trio works together again.

"I think it's probably the end of this part of the trilogy. I don't think we'll never work [together] again," Frost told MTV News at the "Snow White and the Huntsman" premiere in London earlier this month. "It's just an end to this section of films we're making and then we'll move forward and make different, older, more mature films. There'll be a film where I'll have to carry Simon up Kilimanjaro or something."

Asked about the plot specifics, Frost was cagey. "I'm one of the guys," he said. "There are five of us, and we're out, trying to recapture the glory we had as older teenagers. Hilarity and hell ensues."

Frost said he knows who will play the three friends in addition to himself and Pegg, but he wasn't ready to spill those beans just yet. The waiting game continues, then!

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