Watch Bill Murray Crash Our Wes Anderson Interview

Everyone has a Bill Murray story. Come on, you know it's true: you have a friend of a friend who encountered Murray in a public bathroom, found himself on the receiving end of a headlock, and watched in horror as Murray explained, "Tell this to everyone, they'll never believe you." Without question, Murray's pranks, antics and unpredictable nature have become legendary at this point.

Well, we're very pleased to contribute some video evidence to the ongoing saga of super strange Bill Murray happenings. During an MTV News interview with Wes Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival, a special ghost-busting guest — one guess as to who — crashed our interview to sing the praises of the "Moonrise Kingdom" director. It's… an amazing event. Watch it in the video above and keep reading for Murray's thoughts on his frequent collaborator.

"It's really fun, and I do feel that I am sort of in the center, because I've been in [Anderson's films] a long time," Murray said of working with Anderson. "And I welcome others to come in, and I try to inform them of the rules of the place and how they have to behave. And the great thing is that the kid [Anderson] keeps getting better and better. ... I'm so proud of what he does now and how much fun he's having doing it. Because that's the reason I do it, 'cause I have fun doing it. And he's really done an excellent job of instructing others how to have fun and make it a real adventure to play."

Simply awesome. Read more about the experience over here.

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