'Lost' Creator Has 'No Regrets' In Today's Twitter-Wood

When the highly-anticipated "Lost" series finale hit our small screens back in 2010, it left a lot of questions unanswered and had a lot of viewers going, "Huh?" Fans felt like they were promised a big event, something emotional and moving—which it was—with an intelligent twist that would satiate our thirst for answers and let us finally sleep at night.

What we ended up getting felt like a neat bow tied too tight forcing us to be satisfied. Some were glad that the characters received a happy ending, but others wanted more. "Lost" writer and co-creator Damon Lindelof sat down with The Verge to discuss the finale recently and said the viewer reaction left him sad and created stress in his life.

"[It's] something I accept as part of the legacy of that show. It is a deeply, conflicted, ongoing battle that I have. But as obnoxious and entitled as this sounds, I also have no regrets about it," he said. "I make no apologies for it. I feel like that was the ending that I wanted to do. I was always comfortable with the ambiguity of the show."

In fact, the only regret Lindelof does have is confirming during interviews that answers were coming. To his credit, the show didn't have an end date when those statements were made, and when the finale was finally on the horizon, they had to improvise the wrap-up.

But Lindelof waves aside fan frustrations that the events on the island never happened and were simply a dream, or a shared fantasy. "So, at the end of the show, the last frame of the show, Matthew Fox closes his eye and dies. That happened in our context of happening," he explains. "Then, from the moment he closes his eye—all that other stuff that we did in the sixth season of the show, the flash sideways where nobody knows each other and the plane never crashed—that is whatever your interpretation is...but everything that we ever showed you, anything that takes place in the island on 'Lost' happened."

For more answers about the "Lost" season finale, sit back and check out the rest of the interview on The Verge!

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