MTV Movie Awards: Are You The DIRECTV CINEMA Ultimate Movie Fan?

DirecTVThe 2012 MTV Movie Awards are just a few short weeks away, where all of your favorite films — "The Hunger Games," "Bridesmaids," "Harry Potter" and more — are going head-to-head for Golden Popcorn glory.

But those films aren't the only ones capable of winning big… there's also a chance for you to win prizes as well!

From now through Movie Awards night on June 3, you can enter the DIRECTV CINEMATM & MTV Movie Awards Ultimate Movie FanTM Challenge Sweepstakes, where you'll compete to prove that your movie knowledge can't be beat.

Fans can engage the Ultimate Movie FanTM app on DIRECTV's Facebook page once per day. Through the app, you'll compete in trivia challenges about this year's nominees and Movie Awards history, with new questions popping up every single day. And you don't have to compete alone: you can invite your friends to participate in the race for the Ultimate Movie FanTM grand prize as well!

Click Here To Play!

What does the grand prize package entail, you're wondering? We're glad you asked! One lucky winner will receive an entertainment system makeover including a 3D HDTV, home theater with surround sound and five DIRECTV CINEMATM movie rentals per month for a year. On top of that, ten runners-up will receive one DIRECTV CINEMATM movie rental a month for a year and a 2012 MTV Movie Awards prize pack.

Worth playing for? We think so! But time's limited, so make sure to start playing today to prove that you're the Ultimate Movie FanTM!

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