Ryan Reynolds Eyed For 'Highlander' Reboot

It is said that there can only be one. To that end, it looks like "the one" for "Highlander" is none other than cocky flyboy Hal Jordan himself... better known to the world as Ryan Reynolds.

Variety reported on Friday that Reynolds is in talks with Summit Entertainment to take on the lead role in their upcoming "Highlander" reboot, which will be directed by "Intruders" and "28 Weeks Later" filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. No deal has been worked out yet, with "insiders" suggesting that "Reynolds is weighing other offers and [he] could still pursue another project."

Editorializing for a moment, and respectfully towards Mr. Reynolds... I certainly hope he pursues another project. This just does not seem like the right fit at all. This is a role for the Gerard Butlers of the world, not Reynolds. Suitability aside, with "Deadpool" still out in the ether, I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping the actor focuses on the Merc with the Mouth before considering another huge tent pole picture like "Highlander." In short: I'm all for Reynolds getting high-profile work — I think he's an excellent actor and it's great seeing him break away from comedic roles — but "Highlander" just feels wrong.

Previously, Fresnadillo spoke with MTV News about his vision for "Highlander," and the aspects of the movie that fascinate him most.

"The idea about immortality as a curse," he said of what he finds interesting about the "Highlander" story. "Immortality is a very difficult time in your life, if you become an immortal. If you think about that, it's impossible to be in love with anyone — you're growing, you're getting old, as a human, but not as an immortal. I think immortality could be a very lonely feeling [worth exploring]."

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