'Snow White' Cast Gets Naughty In 'Erotica' After Hours

There's no escaping the phenomenon created by the erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey." Beginning as "Twilight" fan fiction, the story follows billionaire tycoon Christian Grey and recent college graduate Ana Steele as they begin their sadomasochistic relationship. With the film's rights optioned by Universal Pictures and Focus Features, fans are wondering if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will land the lead roles for the characters adapted from Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Well, the latest After Hours segment, titled "Erotica," may at least help Stewart get the part.

While she said she's interested in reading the sensual fan fiction about her "Twilight" character, she admitted she hasn't gotten around to seeing what the huge buzz is about. "I haven't bought ['Fifty Shades'] yet. I'm kind of dying to read it," she said.

Lucky for Stewart, MTV News' Josh Horowitz just so happened to have a copy on hand and he even generously dog-eared a page for her! She began to read, but not even a sentence in she closed the book and laughed, saying, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Stewart wasn't the only one to read the novel aloud. We made sure all of her "Snow White and the Huntsman" co-stars had their turn to recite the text. Charlize Theron took a theatrical stab at it, acting out the blocking in a bedroom scene by attempting to push Horowitz off his chair and undress him. Theron is clearly not uncomfortable reading erotica... however, Chris Hemsworth is a different story.

"I'm not even touching that," he said laughing, before ultimately giving in.

When he, too, got to the scene where Ana pushes Christian onto her bed, he grumbled some unintelligible words and threw the book back at Horowitz. "Fifty Shades" may be the one thing the mighty Thor can't handle, but even Stewart had to take a short pause with raised eyebrows before she continued reading.

"I just saw 'sliding fingers' and I just didn't know what that was regarding," she said.

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