Daniel Radcliffe Embraces Fatherhood In Post-'Potter' World

Daniel Radcliffe could've done pretty much whatever he wanted after the eight-film "Harry Potter" franchise drew to a close. The young and fabulously wealthy Brit might have jumped headfirst into another studio-driven blockbuster or retreated to a quiet life of attending "Potter" conventions and swimming in a bank vault filled with gold coins. He could have run for prime minister, and won.

But Radcliffe did none of these things. Instead he signed on for a low-budget horror flick called "The Woman in Black," and turned it into a $126-million-grossing, sequel-spawning hit. Big ups to the former boy wizard for spotting hit material where many observers might have seen a curious career choice. For Radcliffe, though, it was all about trying something new -- including fatherhood.

"One of the things that was very attractive was, in terms of something I'd never done before, I'm playing a father in this," he explains in an exclusive featurette clip from the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD, which will be available starting May 22.

And savvy actor that he is, Radcliffe made an important casting choice that helped him convincingly portray a dad for the first time. "I have cheated slightly on that score, because I got my godson to audition for the part of Joseph, my son," he explained. "He was great, and he was adorable as well. He's the sweetest little boy. It's great, because you really can't fake that relationship."

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