Peter Berg Explains The Reference To 'Battleship's' Famous Line

Spoiler alert: No one says "you sunk my battleship" in "Battleship." But director Peter Berg has a very good explanation for that. No one said it in the movie because the Regents didn't sink the Navy's battleships.

But before you get all up in arms about the omission, there is an homage to the famous admission of defeat from the Battleship pencil and paper game in the feature film. Fans just might miss it during their first go around.

"We have a version of it though. There was a reference to the line," Berg promised in a recent interview with MTV News.

According to Berg, the reference is something along the lines of, "Ain't gonna sink this battleship, no way." When asked why he didn't just say the classic line anyways, he said, "They don't sink our battleship. Sorry."

That's not to say that there never was a version of the script where "you sunk my battleship" was said. It just didn't end up working in the final cut of the film.

"We played around. I mean, we've said the line, we didn't say the line, and then I sort of had this idea that maybe we should come up with a different way of respecting the line but, you know what, they didn't sink the battleship," Berg said. "There are a lot of ways you could have done it. We chose our way."

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