'Prometheus' Viral Video Teases Noomi Rapace And Weyland's Corporate Rival

"Prometheus… are you seeing this?" We are indeed, Elizabeth Shaw — we just don't know exactly what we're looking at!

A brand new "Prometheus" viral video has hit the web this week, and it's very different from what we've seen before. There are no powerful TED Talks or awe-inspiring android tutorials to gaze upon today. No, today we're getting to know Doctor Shaw, the female lead played by original "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" actress Noomi Rapace… and what we're learning about her, while interesting, is nowhere near as alluring as the circumstances surrounding the video.

Take a look past the break!

In the video, Shaw speaks about the differences between what a scientist knows and what she believes. She talks about how she believes the answers to the secrets of life exist in a specific place, somewhere she knows how to get to, but somewhere she needs Sir Peter Weyland's assistance in traveling to.

What's most intriguing is that the video is supposed to be from the Weyland Industries Prometheus crew files, accessible by classified personnel only. Clearly, it's been declassified for us. And it's not just a case of Weyland letting us take a peek behind the curtain, either, not by the looks of it: the flash of "Yutani" at the end of the video indicates that Weyland's chief rival is going to play a role in "Prometheus."

Will the movie be more of a showcase for the founding of Weyland-Yutani than previously expected? I certainly hope so, but I'm not holding my breath. Think back to "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof's other passion project, "Lost," and how it handled viral marketing around the time of season two: the Hanso Foundation was at the core of that campaign, but it barely came to fruition on the show itself.

So is Weyland-Yutani just the backbone of the viral campaign for "Prometheus," and nothing more than a background player in the film itself? We'll see. In the meantime, keep the viral videos coming — they're fantastic to behold.

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