Kristen Stewart Hopes To Shoot 'Cali' This Summer

Kristen Stewart is a badass. Skeptics judging her based solely on her work in the "Twilight" series might not feel the same way, but brace yourselves for "Snow White and the Huntsman." Early buzz is very positive for the film, Stewart's heroic performance included.

It's not the last time Stewart will get into action hero mode, either. She recently signed on to star in "Cali" for director Nick Cassavetes. Described as a gritty action pic taking place in Los Angeles, "Cali" sees Stewart playing the star of a fake snuff film. After running away with the cash and disappearing for years, Stewart's character must return from "the dead" to save the sister she left behind.

"That's my next thing," Stewart told MTV News about her future plans during the "Snow White and the Huntsman" press junket. "Hopefully after [the 'Snow White' press tour], we can go [shoot 'Cali'] in the summer and lock ourselves away for a few weeks in the Valley, in a little production office, and get together [some] weird, really freaky actor people."

Indeed, Stewart says that the movie is "filled with the coolest characters," leaving plenty of room for some memorable "freaky actor people" to climb aboard. But for the actress, on a personal level, "Cali" is a very important project that calls back to her past.

"I'm from the Valley, and it's been a while since we've captured that world," Stewart said of the movie. "It's super extreme. Everything about it. It's extremely violent and extremely funny and extremely emotional. It's not hard to watch, but it's really [in your face]."

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