Poll: Most Outrageous Movie Awards Moments

The MTV Movie Awards are all grown up! This year, we're celebrating 21 years of Golden Popcorn glory, so you'll forgive us for feeling all nostalgic. After all, can you name another award show where comedians can make their victory speeches fully in character as a hippie? Where else are you going to see Sacha Baron Cohen land on Eminem's face, butt-first?

Make no mistake, there's no shortage of outrageous moments in Movie Awards history. We're looking at you, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Don't think we forgot your awkward gropey antics from last year. And Seth Rogen and James Franco, you're not getting away clean either; our clothes still reek of the "Pineapple Express" you sparked on stage in 2008.

Yes, there are lots of outrageous MTV Movie Awards moments to choose from—but which moment is the most outrageous? That's what you're here to decide, by voting in our poll below!

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Polls close Tuesday, May 29 at noon, with results to be announced in the lead-up to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Vote now and vote often!

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