Damon Lindelof Jokes 'Battleship' End Credits In Today's Twitter-Wood

Marvel fans are well aware after the end credits of every one of the comic company's movies will be a small scene alluding to the next film. Following "The Avengers" fans were introduced to Thanos, one of Marvel Universe's most important villains. Well, guess what? According to "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof, "Battleship" followed suit.

YAHTZEE! We're just kidding with you, but wouldn't that be fun? We're kind of hoping it happens now. "Battleship" director Peter Berg needs to pull an "Avengers"-style re-shoot and add it to the end credits. Or actually, change Yahtzee to Candy Land and we're on board.

With "Battleship" releasing in theaters this Friday the big question is: Who will say the board games' classic tagline? Zach Braff weighed in on his preference writing, "I hope Rihanna's the one who gets to say 'You sunk my battleship.'"

MTV News recently caught up with the singer who said she was "intimidated" by her role in the action film. "I was walking into this as an amateur — a complete amateur. I didn't know anything," she said. " I was a wreck, just like, scared to sh--." Maybe she was nervous because she had to carry the film's most anticipated line?

Personally, Liam Neeson gets our vote for the phrase. As Admiral Shane he's in a high place of naval power, plus he has the booming voice to project the line amidst a raging alien war.

Will you see "Battleship" this weekend? Who do you think says, "You sunk my battleship"? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!