Sandra Bullock's 'Gravity' Shifts To 2013 Release Date

Alfonso Cuaron is doing some crazy stuff in his upcoming film, "Gravity." In fact, it seems like it's so out of this world (literally) that Warner Bros has opted to push the movie's release date back until 2013.

Originally "Gravity" was expected to hit theaters in November, just in time for awards season, but the effects-heavy film was recently test screened for some audiences to mixed reviews. Many commented that the CGI was "far from being done," which might have spurred the current delay.

That leaves "Gravity" without an official release date, though at least now "Gangster Squad" has been slated in for September 7. After a great first trailer, the Ruben Fleischer-directed period drama has garnered some serious buzz.

"Gravity" stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, though the movie is said to largely follow Bullock by herself in space. She plays a medical engineer named Dr. Ryan Stone who is out on her first shuttle mission with Clooney's veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky. They participate in a routine spacewalk, but disaster causes their shuttle to be destroyed and the two of them are left stranded in the middle of space tied to nothing but one another.

When MTV News caught up with Guillermo del Toro last August, he said he was blown away by what Cuaron is planning.

"I'm amazed at Alfonso the past few movies because he's completely transformed himself. ['Gravity' is] incredibly well-calculated. Very human, if you know the story," he said. "[They're] absolutely pushing a new boundary in filmmaking, completely mindblowing. And the way they're making that movie will, I think, forever change certain types of productions."

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