Exclusive 'One For The Money' Gag Reel Gets Hot And Heavy For Jason O'Mara

Filming a movie inevitably puts an actor in one or two compromising situations, and during the shoot for "One for the Money," Jason O'Mara may have strayed farther than he and co-star Katherine Heigl were expecting.

With the Blu-ray and DVD for "One for the Money" hitting stores today, we have an exclusive look at the gag reel featured on the disc. During one of those unused takes of O'Mara and Heigl kissing, the actor's hands wandered a bit, making for a funny-awkward moment on set.

When O'Mara spoke with us for the release, we simply had to ask what was going on during that scene. Playing up his innocence, he joked that he couldn't recall the scene. "I have absolutely no recollection of that whatsoever," he said.

But then with a little pressure, O'Mara began to remember some of the gory details. "It was a beautiful summer's day, and we went for a ride in the car. Obviously, you have to do quite a few takes of this," O'Mara said. "Of course, Katie and I are entirely professional, but sometimes you don't have complete control over your body in that situation. You want it to be appropriate, but at the same time, you want it to be kind of hot."

That's all O'Mara could recall about the particular take, but he did remember a few giggles from set. "I can't remember the exact take, but some people were snickering at the placement of my hands," he said. "I certainly didn't take advantage of the situation. She and I are both happily married."

The actual scene during which that blooper took place, eventually never made it into the finished film. "That was an ending that didn't make the final cut of the movie," O'Mara said. "It was an alternative ending where Morelli and Plum actually get together. She buys a new convertible from the bounty that she gets for turning in Joe Morelli, and she takes him out for a spin in it, and they make out in the front seat."

The reason for changing the ending had to do with the nature of the characters' relationship in the books. "For whatever reason, the powers that be decided that it wasn't the correct ending or at least the ending that they wanted. It seemed a little cozy, a little tied up in a bow," O'Mara said. "These characters, they have a very drawn out, epic sex life together. It blows hot and cold. Ending it on a hot note didn't seem quite right."

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