Mark Ruffalo Praises Edward Norton's Hulk In Today's Twitter-Wood

With the announcement that Marvel was making an "Avengers" film, no character was as scrutinized by fans as much as the Hulk. Consequently, actor Mark Ruffalo received the brunt of the judgement as he signed on to helm the green monster with an uncontrollable temper. The previous actors who played the role were Eric Bana and Edward Norton who didn't exactly leave comic fans begging for more.

As "The Avengers" smashes the box office with its success ($1 billion worldwide gross so far!), fans have been in agreement that Ruffalo's portrayal of the gamma-radiated monster was the best yet—and they took to Twitter to let the actor know. After Ruffalo praised Norton, fans pointed the approval back at Ruffalo to which he replied, "Wow, Thanks to all. I wasn't fishing, per say. I was more trying to Clarify how much I respect Ed and Eric."

Even though the actor revealed he signed a six-picture deal with Marvel when they hired him as Bruce Banner, it's unclear whether a Hulk film will be made as some doubt the character's ability to stand alone.

When Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, spoke with the Huffington Post he said, "This was the third appearance of Hulk and everything that we had and were going for, we put in to Hulk's appearance in 'Avengers.' So, I love that people are saying that and are feeling that way about Hulk, but mission accomplished at this point."

Did you like Mark Ruffalo's version of the Hulk? Would you like to see him reprise the role in his own Hulk film? Spill your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!