Darth Atlas Is A Work Of Art In Dailies!

If you think about it, “Darth Altas” is the perfect metaphor for the Empire’s over-industrialization weighing down upon its ultimate victim. Hmmm. Indeed.

Plus, find out to save nerd culture and watch Alan Richman drink tee in today’s Dailies!

» Nothing gets the point across like a well-timed “Son of a b—-.” [Vulture]

» Devin Faraci has elegantly outlined how nerd culture can get its groove back. [Badass Digest]

» In case you need a reminder that the Dude abides… [TeeFury]

» We’re already sold on the concept and potential casting for “El Presidente.” [Vulture]

» Hawkeye meets Nighthawks [Gizmodo]

» Epic Tea Time With Alan Rickman. Need we say more? [Vulture]

» If we had our way, Darth Vader would work his way into most works of art. [Reddit]

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