Johnny Depp Enjoyed Playing 'The Reluctant Vampire' In 'Dark Shadows'

Few actors will completely throw themselves at a role like Johnny Depp. He always seems fascinated by the character, and that interest really comes through when he speaks about his work.

For "Dark Shadows," Depp's interest in Barnabas Collins comes from the contradictions within the character. Yes, he's a vampire, but he never wanted to be. For Depp, that's where the fun comes in.

"Playing the reluctant vampire, in a sense, who has been locked in a box for 200 years," Depp said, "it's his misfortune to be let out in an age where things are probably at their most surreal in terms of 1972."

That particular time period only makes things harder for Barnabas, and as Depp explained, there may not have been a stranger time for his 18th century vampire to wake up.

The era seems odd just looking back 40 years later, but for a vampire who had been locked away in the 1700s, it has to be one hell of a culture shock. "It was a very, very odd period. Things were changing radically. The peace and love thing was over with, and we were rapidly approaching disco, so there was musically and aesthetically. That was the fun of it, to place this hyper-elegant figure from the late-18th century into one of the weirdest times of all time."

"Dark Shadows" is open in theaters everywhere.

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