Johnny Depp And Tim Burton Don't Try To Make Weird Movies

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have always been known for pushing the envelope with their cinematic collaborations. There's always some element of the plot or the film's design that sparks controversy or is dismissed as too "weird."

When MTV News spoke with Burton and Depp about their latest collaboration, "Dark Shadows," the duo opened up about their goals and why what they do is so out there.

Burton said that what his projects usually come down to is looking for a challenge. "I think that we get sparked by challenges," Burton said. "Sometimes the challenges might be a bit abstract, like this one. Most people who know 'Dark Shadows' or don't know 'Dark Shadows,' really don't care. For me, it was something I was interested in trying. It's always just about the idea."

Depp made clear that he and Burton are not motivated by a need to make things bizarre. "We never go in thinking, 'How can we make this weirder?' It's never been that kind of thing," Depp said.

For Depp, "Dark Shadows" is all about answering the difficult questions that the premise puts forward. "How do you display this era of 1972? How do you represent it in the context of this guy coming back after 200 years with resin grapes, plastic fruit and troll dolls, lava lamps, music by The Carpenters."

Burton agreed, saying that those questions are the real treat. "It's just fun to mix up weird elements," he said. "You don't really know what's going to happen."

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