Russell Brand's Favorite Things Invade Today's Twitter-Wood

If you've been scouring lately, then you already know the great news: Russell Brand is hosting the 2012 MTV Movie Awards! Exciting, huh? There are three important ingredients that make a good host. The first is you're willing to embarrass yourself. The second is you're willing to embarrass other people. The third is that you're damn funny and can entertain an audience. We certainly think Brand has proved all three with his stand-up comedy and experience as a two-time Video Music Award emcee.

And as you can see from the tweet above, Brand's already brought on the fun and the jokes. Although, we're pretty sure he's not joking. 2012 MTV Group Sex Movie Awards, anyone? If Brand gets his way, maybe it'll happen!

The executive producer for the awards show, Jesse Ignjatovic, told MTV News that he thinks Brand is the perfect host for the show. "He's a movie star. He's probably one of the most brilliant stand-ups that I've seen in his time, and he's a rock star.

"He has amazing comedic chops. He's brilliant. He touches all of the areas that I think are important to us," he continued. "Add to that I think he's one of the most professional people I've worked with in terms of comedians. He's well-studied and very dedicated to his craft. I think we're very fortunate that he said 'yes.'"

What do you think, folks? Does Russell Brand have what it takes to make a great MTV Movie Awards host? Spill your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!

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