Kyle Chandler Joins Leonardo DiCaprio In 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

Clear eyes, full hearts, Scorsese and DiCaprio, can't lose. Words to live by if I've ever heard any.

Coach Eric Taylor himself, actor Kyle Chandler, is the latest star to howl at "The Wolf of Wall Street," Deadline reports. The Emmy-winning "Friday Night Lights" icon joins DiCaprio and the recently cast Jonah Hill in the long developing Martin Scorsese movie, based on the true story of former stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

DiCaprio stars in the film as Belfort, a hard-partying finance hotshot who gets involved in security fraud, money laundering and other assorted forms of bad behavior. Chandler has signed on to play the FBI agent who takes Belfort down — sort of the Hanratty to Belfort's Frank Abagnale, if you will. Sounds like a touchdown to me, fellas.