Zachary Quinto Wraps Spock On 'Star Trek 2'

"Star Trek 2" has come to a close for our favorite vulcan, Spock. Zachary Quinto tweeted a photo of his actor chair from his last night on set. Accompanying the picture, he wrote, "zq. picture wrap. holy s---." You're telling us! That means we're one step closer to the trailers and photos and clips, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

As it turns out, Quinto wasn't the only one who wrapped on the J.J. Abrams sequel. Simon Pegg tweeted, "Wind, reel and print. The countdown to May 2013 has begun." Welcome to the countdown we began months ago, Pegg. But with the cast slowly leaving set one by one, they're sure to celebrate in style as the men (Quinto, Pegg, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbach) hit up Hooters the other night to unwind.

Following this currently untitled "Star Trek" project, Quinto is set to release a comedic short entitled "Dog Eat Dog." Described as "a dark and funny little fable about obsession, scheming and leaving things up to fate," the short will recount Quinto's story of when he tried to adopt his dog Noah. He will star in and produce the film, which will raise awareness for animal adoption.

Pegg also has another project in the works, the Frank Darabont television series "L.A. Noir." He revealed on Twitter that he'll start filming immediately, "Goodbye 24th Century outer space, hello 1940s LA. Talk about a slingshot round the sun. How does the song go again? Hey diddlee dee..." And then he corrected himself, "23rd Century, sorry I was up late partying with the Enterprise crew."

Oh, to be invited to that party. Live long and prosper, folks.

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