'Star Wars' Mystery Project: What Is 'Star Wars 1313'?

Boba Fett

Domain registrations have become one of the most common ways for a secret project to reach the web, and some new purchases on behalf of Lucasfilm could point to a new "Star Wars" project.

As /Film points out, George Lucas' production company, Lucasfilm, recently started snapping up domain names featuring different combinations of "Stars Wars" and "1313." The company bought "StarsWars1313.com," "1313StarWars.com," "SW1313.com," and more than a dozen other combinations.

Buying web domains is one of the first taken after a project receives an official name, so the company won't have to buy them back at inflated prices from crafty users looking to make a profit. If Lucasfilm has been buying domains, you can be almost certain that some new product is in the pipeline.

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But what could it be? Fusible.com theorizes that "Star Wars 1313" could have to do with the saga's most popular minor character, the bounty hunter Boba Fett. As the site concludes, Boba Fett used the alias CT-1313 in a young adult novel in the Star Wars expanded universe, "Boba Fett: Maze of Deception."

Before you get your hopes up that this is finally the standalone Boba Fett film you and Joe Johnston dream of at night, a filing with the United State Patent and Trademark Office for "Star Wars 1313" indicates that this project is likely a new video game. Lucasfilm registered "Star Wars 1313" for use in "interactive entertainment software and accompanying instruction manuals." Sounds like a video game, huh?

Regardless, a Boba Fett video game would be nothing to complain about. We just may have to keep waiting for that movie. Help us, Joe Johnston. You're our only hope.

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