Ben Affleck's Next Directorial Effort 'Argo' Gets Trailer


In the never-ending scramble to find the early front-runners for Academy Award consideration, Ben Affleck's third directorial effort "Argo" has been popping up in most conversations for all the usual reasons. (Those reasons do not include Affleck's sideburns.)

First, Affleck is coming off of two critical and financial successes in a row with "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town." Then, there's the stranger-than-fiction true story behind the movie and the all-star supporting cast, which includes John Goodman, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and Kyle "Coach Taylor" Chandler. Yep, it's got awards consideration written all over it.

Check out the first trailer for Ben Affleck's "Argo" after the jump!

"Argo" tells the story of a CIA mission to rescue American hostages, stuck in Iran after the invasion of the US embassy. Affleck's character, Tony Mendez, concocts a scheme to pose as a Canadian film crew looking to shoot their sci-fi movie in Iran, while secretly removing the stranded Americans.

The story comes from a Wired article written by Joshuah Bearman called "How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran." You can check out the story here. We highly recommend checking out the original article. It's an incredible story that's so obviously perfect for a big screen adaptation.

The film also stars Taylor Schilling, Victor Garber, Michael Cassidy and Clea DuVall.

"Argo" opens in theaters on October 12.

(trailer via The Film Stage)

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