'Star Trek 2' Cast Heads To Hooters In Today's Twitter-Wood

The stars of "Star Trek 2" took a break from filming the highly-anticipated sequel and headed out for a bite to eat. Where did they go to unwind, you ask? Hooters. We bet the actors had a jolly good time. Zachary Quinto tweeted, "i am at a hooters in northern california watching a boxing game. i have never felt more at home. cc: @simonpegg."

If we could grab food and drinks with one cast, these guys would definitely be at the top of our list. But they don't just hang out during mealtimes (despite Simon Pegg's morning after tweet, "Eggs with Benedict"), Pegg also let followers know about his gym time with Chris Pine. "Right, me and Pine are off to the gym to lift heavy things and grunt and sweat in a veritable Kirk/Scotty slash fest of homoerotic exercise," he wrote. Looks like Benedict Cumberbatch isn't the only one looking forward to racy fanfic.

Also in May 7, 2012's Twitter-Wood: Mark Ruffalo and Greg Grunberg comment on Twitter hackers, Tom Felton remains mysterious about getting his eyes checked for work and the stars continue to talk "Game of Thrones."

Twitter Hackers 1: @Mruff221 Hackers and Frackers. Fracking Hackers.

-Mark Ruffalo, actor ("The Avengers")

Twitter Hackers 2: @greggrunberg So, turns out the word PASSWORD... Not the best password.

-Greg Grunberg, actor ("Heroes")

"Game of Thrones" 1: @ElizabethBanks Game.Of.Thrones. #thashicray

-Elizabeth Banks, actress ("The Hunger Games")

"Game of Thrones" 2: @johnaugust After two seasons of Game of Thrones, I have unwarranted confidence in my beheading skills.

-John August, writer ("Big Fish," "Dark Shadows")

@michaelianblack After four episodes of "Girls," I'm pretty sure I would recognize Lena Dunham's boobs in a boob line-up.

-Michael Ian Black, comedian

Felton's Mysterious Eye Doctor Visit 1: @TomFelton At the optician.......I'm slightly nervous, Don't ask why x

-Tom Felton, actor ("Harry Potter")

Felton's Mysterious Eye Doctor Visit 2: @TomFelton For work. That's all I can say :) x

-Tom Felton, actor ("Harry Potter")

"Avengers" 1: @SamuelLJackson #Avengers Fans THANKS FOR ASSEMBLING !! You're ALL some BAD MAVENGERPFUQQAHS!!!

-Samuel L. Jackson, actor ("The Avengers")

"Avengers" 2: @simonpegg Saw Avengers last night. Tons of fun and some genuine hilarity. So happy to see Joss Wheedon bring home the spoils. Hulk smashing!!!

-Simon Pegg, actor ("Star Trek")

@rainnwilson @PizzaHut should stuff its new Cheesy Bites Pizza with candy bars, bacon grease & cake.

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("The Office")

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