'Skyfall' Video Blog Explores The Design Of Bond


Today might be "Avengers" day (or "Star Wars" Day, to those of you celebrating May the Fourth), but we're taking a brief break from those two properties to celebrate another superhero: James Bond.

The latest "Skyfall" video blog to hit the web focuses on the production design on the flick, and teaches us a surprising new tidbit of information about Dame Judi Dench. It turns out that she was originally trained in costume design and set design!

"I trained to be a set designer, a costume designer. They take my breath away. And after you've worked in that space for a day, that becomes a real space to you," she said.

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Since Dench was trained in the British theater, she likely got her start as a designer there, but it's still surprising to find out that such an esteemed actress got her start behind the scenes. That's why she's a person whose opinion we value more than most when it comes to gushing about the set of "Skyfall."

"The first set we had there is absolutely massive, like an enormous kind of underground station," she said. "You can't believe it. The attention to detail is so fantastic."

Dennis Gassner, a production designer on "Skyfall," had similar sentiments to share. He's in charge of everything from creating concept art to storyboarding to making the sets a reality, so needless to say he's pretty pumped about this upcoming flick.

"It's going to be groundbreaking," Gassner said. "It's going to be a new chapter. So it's really about finding things that are different and exciting for the audience to look at."

"Skyfall" is due in theaters on November 9.

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