May The Fourth Be With 'The Avengers' In Today's Twitter-Wood

It could not be a better day for franchise fans everywhere. Not only has "Marvel's The Avengers" finally assembled in theaters, but it's "Star Wars" Day! May the fourth be with you, friends!

A slew of actors are tweeting about both grand events, including Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki. He asked fans in the USA, Russia, Canada and Indonesia to assemble to theaters to check out the flick. (You might want to listen to him so you don't get Loki'd.) And "Begin Human's" Sam Huntington who wrote: "Happy Star Wars day T-Woks!! And remember: if you play with your light sabers too much you'll get Wookie palms." Duly noted.

Also in May 4, 2012's Star Wars Day and "Avengers" themed Twitter-Wood, find out what has Nathan Fillion typing "Oh. My. God." and which DC Comics superhero Devin Faraci thinks Captain America can take down.

"Avengers" 1: @macstarr Just loved @avengers! So good! Can't sleep now tho thanks to Joss ...and I'm having an incredible urge to don some spandex & fight crime

-Mackenzie Firgens, actress ("Rent")

"Avengers" 2: @pattonoswalt Oh yeah, and The Hulk scores THE GREATEST CHEAP SHOT in Marvel Comics history. #youllsee

-Patton Oswalt, actor ("Seeking a Friend for the End of the World")

"Avengers" 3: @devincf Captain America would kick Batman's ass while giving him a pep talk about getting over his parents' death.

-Devin Faraci, writer (Badass Digest)

Star Wars Day 1: @serafinowicz In honour of #StarWarsDay

-Peter Serafinowicz, actor ("Shaun of the Dead")

Star Wars Day 2: @paulscheer Just a reminder to all Fathers. Today is the only day you can cut off your son's hand and it's totally cool. Happy #StarWarsDay

-Paul Scheer, actor ("Piranha 3D")

Star Wars Day 3: @NathanFillion Oh. My. God. A perfect way to celebrate Star Wars Day. @ClareGrant and @Rileah, thank you.

-Nathan Fillion, actor ("Firefly," "Castle")

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