Brad Bird To Helm Damon Lindelof's Mysterious '1952'?

Brad Bird Damon Lindelof

It's no surprise that talented writer/producer extraordinaire Damon Lindelof has been a very busy bee since the end of his mega hit TV show "Lost." The man wrote "Cowboys and Aliens," the very buzzworthy upcoming "Alien"-esque blockbuster "Prometheus," and the untitled "Star Trek" sequel.

Like we said, he's a busy man, and today brings us more news on yet another Lindelof-related project, the mysterious feature "1952," of which we first caught wind last June.

According to Deadline, Disney has asked "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" director Brad Bird to helm the large-scale adventure, which the studio has hopes to make a tent pole film with multi-platform possibilities.

As with many of Lindelof's projects past, present and future, the plot details are being kept under lock and key, but the studio reportedly hopes to get the film into production next year. It's not much of a stretch to say that a Lindelof/Bird collaboration on a feature film could be great for everyone, particularly moviegoers. Both men have plenty of clout with the fanboy communites, as well as genuine box office success with summer blockbusters.

Let's just say that we're very intrigued and cautiously optimistic about this pairing. Again, not that we know anything about the plot or subject matter, but this news has some similarities to the early mumblings about J.J. Abrams' nostalgic sci-fi gem, "Super 8." If Disney wants a "multi-platform" project, they've definitely enlisted two of the industry's most credible craftsmen in that regard.

But in a final twist, there is the strong "Lost" connection that shouldn't be ignore. Lindelof co-wrote the script with Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen, the most notable "Lost" scholar. (Cue the episode ending horns.)

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