'Expendables 2' Trailer Marries A Man To A Knife

Chuck Norris Expendables

If don't want to live in a world where Jason Statham can pronounce a couple "man and knife," the new trailer for "The Expendables 2" is probably not for you.

The trailer is essentially everything you expect it to be, with a few wonderful bonuses sprinkled in.

After a mostly teasing first trailer, this new preview from IGN gives a better sense of how the all-star casts of action heroes arrange themselves. Sylvester Stallone is back as the leader of the gang. Bruce Willis is the reluctant third party. Jean-Claude Van Damm appears to be the bad guy, and Chuck Norris is just Chuck Norris.

What we weren't expecting from the trailer was the large number of references to past movies that Arnold Schwarzenegger gets. First he utters the line "I'm back" and everyone groans, but then he rips the door off a Smart car, perhaps referencing his front seat removal from "Commando."

Liam Hemsworth, the youngest member of the AARP's action force, even gets his moment to shine. At the beginning of the trailer, when it seems that all hope is lost, Stallone loads up his magic finger and kills all of the enemies. In reality, it's Hemsworth's character, Bill "The Kid" Timmons with a sniper rifle. Pretty sneaky.

You'll have to head over to IGN to check out the whole thing, and we recommend doing so. It brainless fun, and with the new additions to the cast, might be an action fan's dream come true.

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