'Cosmopolis' Clip: Robert Pattinson Is Not Quite The Charmer


Robert Pattinson's "Cosmopolis" character Eric Packer sure knows how to charm a lady.

The first full clip from the movie has been released courtesy of Allocine, and in it we see Packer trying— albeit unsuccessfully— to seduce Sarah Gadon's character Elise Shifrin. The two had met before the snippet begins in a bookstore, and it's clear that Eric is trying to reignite the spark a bit. Elise seems very aware of this, and does her best to try to figure him out.

"You need to be inflamed, don't you?" she asks. "This is your element."

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He changes the topic, and tells her that his original plan for the day was to get a haircut. Elise looks at his hair and poses an interesting question to him: "Do you need a haircut?" What we know of Eric is that he's spoiled, rich and seemingly without purpose, so there clearly are some deeper nuances here. His only response is, "I need anything you can give me," to which she answers, "Be nice."

Finally, Eric gets back to Elise's initial question about being inflamed. "I need all the meanings of the inflamed," he said. "There's a hotel just across the avenue. We could start over, or finish with intense feeling. That's one of the meanings: to arouse a passionate feeling. We could finish what we barely started."

We doubt even Bella Swan could resist that proposition, despite Eric's cold delivery. Elise manages to turn him down though, and their conversation is interrupted by two men coming in to the restaurant they're at and chanting, "A specter is haunting the world!" before throwing four dead rats into the air. It's a scene we've seen teased in "Cosmopolis's" trailers, and likely foreshadows the giant creatures later spotted wandering around New York City.

"Cosmopolis" makes its premiere at Cannes later this month, and likely will be released later on this year. David Cronenberg directs the film, which stars Pattinson, Gadon, Juliette Binoche, Jay Baruchel, Samantha Morton, Kevin Durand and Paul Giamatti.

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