'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Director Lands In 'Secret Location' In Today's Twitter-Wood

As you might already know, John M. Chu directed "Step Up 2: The Streets," "Step Up 3D," "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," oh, and this little movie you might have heard is coming out this summer called "G.I. Joe: Retaliation"! The film is currently in post-production, but when we saw Chu write that he landed in a "secret location," our minds immediately asked: "Cobra lair?!" Hey, "Marvel's The Avengers" shot an extra scene after the film already premiered—it could happen!

Also in May 3, 2012's Twitter-Wood, Rainn Wilson tweets his thoughts about "The Hunger Games," Emma Roberts is obsessed with "Girls" and Simon Pegg wants everyone to live long and prosper.

@simonpegg It's all about keeping the peace so we can all live long and prosper ... twitpic.com/9gkk7w

-Simon Pegg, actor ("Star Trek")

@dhewlett Every time someone dies in Game Of Thrones I feel like I've lost a friend. That and I wish Mars was less soppy mutt and more dire wolf!

-David Hewlett, actor ("Rise of the Planet of the Apes")

@RachelleLefevre At Russell Brand's comedy show & completely smitten by his lethal combination of humor & intellect. I'm done for. @rustyrockets

-Rachelle Lefevre, actress ("Twilight")

@RobertsEmma Finally watched Girls. #AMAZ #OBSESSED. Every conversation I've ever had. #girls #girls #girls @lenadunham is a genius.

-Emma Roberts, actress ("It's Kind of a Funny Story")

Wilson Watches "Hunger Games" 1: @rainnwilson Watching Hunger Games. There's a LOT of nice forest land available in District 12!

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("The Office")

Wilson Watches "Hunger Games" 2: @rainnwilson Hunger Games was truly one of the 5 best ABC after school specials from 1978-1982.

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("The Office")

@russellcrowe Valjean is in this city, I can sense him.Students creating problems, Brigade du Suret,Undercover police work.Vidoq you are a genius. #lesmis

-Russell Crowe, actor ("A Beautiful Mind")

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