Selena Gomez: 'Aftershock' Star Eli Roth Is 'Very Smart'

Selena Gomez may be getting her scream queen on in Eli Roth’s next flick, “Aftershock.” The details of her appearance are still pretty much a big secret, but MTV News had the pleasure of catching up with the singer/actress/perfume designer and learned more about what fans (and maybe even skeptics) can expect from her cameo in the horror film.

“I was in Chile doing a concert," Gomez explained, "and he was shooting a movie called ‘Aftershock’ and he asked if I wanted to make a cameo. And I did!”

"It’s actually a very funny scene with him and I improving. And it’s cute,” she continued. “Well, I mean, the movie’s not cute. It’s actually scary, but the scene was cute.”

With “Aftershock” under her belt, she hopes to one day work with Roth again. She added, “And so we kind of became friends and hopefully we’ll be able to work together again. [He’s] very smart.”

Roth co-wrote and will star in the film, about a group of friends who must survive an earthquake in Chile. Nicolás López will direct. He also has a screenwriting credit, along with Guillermo Amoedo.

“Aftershock” should drop sometime in 2013. It’s a part of Gomez’s growing resume of more mature projects, which include the forthcoming “Spring Breakers,” as well as a role in Ethan Hawke’s next film, the thriller “The Getaway.”

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