'Battleship' Stars Get A Blast From The Past

Rihanna's been singled out a lot lately for "Battleship" because it's her acting debut, but that's not really fair, is it? MTV News' Josh Horowitz certainly didn't think so. During "MTV First: Battleship," he decided to take her co-stars on a trip down memory lane to look at their first gigs on the big screen.

First up is Alexander Skarsgård in his debut American film, "Zoolander." If you're thinking "wait, he was in that?" you're not alone. You may recall the scene, but not the actor because he didn't last very long. Remember the gasoline explosion? Yeah. He took part in that.

When the cast is shown a picture of Skarsgård in a bright green shirt and fleece vest (with his orange mocha frappuccino!), it gets immediate laughs. Rihanna exclaims "Oh my God!" as Taylor Kitsch says simultaneously, "That's fantastic!"

"Who is that?" the "True Blood" actor jokingly laughs. "What happened to those shades, by the way? I need those now."

Kitsch's debut role came in "John Tucker Must Die," the teen comedy that follows three scorned girlfriends and their plot to take down their cheating ex. When the "John Carter" star's picture flashes across the screen it's actually normal. He simply looks younger. "That's not bad. That's like next door neighbor welcoming Brittany Snow to the neighborhood," he says, "and then I wanted to have sex with her mom."

Yep, that's totally normal.

The next picture that slides up is Brooklyn Decker in a skimpy yellow bikini—much to her dismay. "No! I knew it was going to be that picture! Why did you do that?"

The actress' first feature film role came in "Just Go With It" where she played Adam Sandler's much younger girlfriend—hence the filmmakers desire to put her in skimpy outfits to enhance her overall sex appeal (as if it was needed).

Mimicking Decker's embarrassment, the guys joke around and Kitsch yells, "Change it! Change it!" as Skarsgård pretends to throw up.

"I'm turning five shades of red right now," Decker says covering her face.

But leave it to Rihanna to talk up the modest actress, "She makes herself blush she's so hot."

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