'Battleship': Real Navy Officers 'Grounded' Film

It's no secret that movie stars have the best jobs. In the case of "Battleship," the cast got to shoot in beautiful Hawaii and work with real Navy seamen to learn from their real life experiences. Sounds real rough!

When MTV News brought Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgård and Rihanna back to Hawaii for "MTV First: Battleship," the cast recalled some of their favorite memories of filming in paradise.

"It's a tough office, to have Missouri shut down, and work on it, and to be in battleship row and Pearl Harbor," Kitsch joked. "I'd way rather be in a cubicle. That's just my opinion."

The time Kitsch spent with the real Naval officers ended up being his favorite memories in-between shoots in Hawaii. "It was the actual officers on these and these personal tours we were lucky enough to be a part of," Kitsch said. "On these destroyers, shoot on the USS Hopper, go onto these subs on the weekends and hang out with the true heroes, that was great. That was probably the most I took away from it. And to be in Pearl Harbor, the history here is insane."

Similarly, Decker felt that speaking with the real men and women in the Navy added a layer of believability to the otherwise fantastical premise.

"I think for me specifically, it brought something real to the movie," Decker said. "It's so much fun. It's full of special effects. We have aliens, and we're saving the world. It's big and it's fun, but to have something that's grounded and real and actually do these guys some justice, I think made it that much more important for all of us."

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