Damon Lindelof Begs For A 'Dark Knight Rises' Intervention In Today's Twitter-Wood

Have you seen the final "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer yet?! Wasn't it AMAZING? We were obviously on board from the beginning, but after that trailer, Batman is fighting "The Avengers" for a spot at the forefront of our minds, and we didn't think that was actually possible. "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof, who always takes to Twitter for his hilarious commentary, had plenty to say about the video.

"I'm thrilled to see that Tom Hardy's elocution lessons have paid off. #TheRainInSpainFallsMainlyOnTheBane," he wrote, alluding to how audiences can now understand Hardy's lines. He also imagined lines that would exist if he wrote the script, "I've buried enough Waynes. And has my Wayne Tree grown yet? No, Master Bruce, it has not." #IfIWroteDarkKnightRises" He finally begged us for a "TDKR" intervention, "Oh, God, please someone stop me. #ICantStopTheWayne." Never. Ever. It's too hilarious. Please continue!

But don't worry "Avengers" fans, May 1, 2012's Twitter-Wood also features Tom Hiddleston ringing in the NYSE bell with Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders really excited about Tim Horton's coffee and Mark Ruffalo at the Toronto Premiere!

@twhiddleston RT @ClarkGregg @hamiltonhodell Ringing the NYSE bell on Wall Street! pic.twitter.com/zHacpKrf

-Tom Hiddleston, actor ("Thor," "The Avengers")

@CobieSmulders Oh sweet Timmy Ho's Double Double how I have missed you... pic.twitter.com/nKHwj5Po

-Cobie Smulders, actress ("How I Met Your Mother," "The Avengers")

@Mruff221 At the Toronto Premiere with our @WaterDefense Guests Stephanie and Jason Dalziel. Pleasure meeting you!! pic.twitter.com/UV7h7AD0

-Mark Ruffalo, actor ("Shutter Island," "The Avengers")

@chrizmillr Saw indie film #theAvengers & despite its tiny budget & lack of stars it was a lot of fun! Hope it cracks the top 10 this weekend!

-Chris Miller, director ("21 Jump Street")

@stephenfry Fell asleep in the car to work. Fell asleep in the makeup chair. Fell asleep in my trailer. Hope I stay awake in camera. Got driving scenes.

-Stephen Fry, actor ("V for Vendetta," "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows")

@autumnreeser #Girls -- it's the post-recession #SexAndTheCity. It's brilliant and I can't wait to see the next episode... @JuddApatow @lenadunham

-Autumn Reeser, actress ("The Girl Next Door," "The O.C.")

@MJMcKean I think "Babe" must be my masseuse's favorite movie. At the end of every session she says "That'll do, pig".

-Michael McKean, actor ("This Is Spinal Tap")

@JamesUrbaniak Just giggled aloud reading a Venture Brothers script I'm recording tomorrow. Your'e in for a treat whenever the f--- this airs.

-James Urbaniak, actor ("Sound of My Voice")

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