'Battleship' Brings Brooklyn Decker 'Boob' Envy To Rihanna

Sure, Rihanna and her “Battleship” pals talk a lot about the Peter Berg-directed blockbuster during “MTV First: Battleship” tonight on MTV and MTV.com. But if you need another reason to check it out, aside from gawking at the magnificence that is that cast (which features Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard), we have one for you right here.

In the midst of the interview, MTV News’ very own Josh Horowitz pointed out just how lovely and good looking the cast is and in the process, may have started a beautiful people feud. That feud resulted in the always-candid Rihanna’s confession that she’d love to have Brooklyn's lady lumps if given the option.

“I envy her boobs,” Ri noted during the “First.” Well, it seems that it’s not just Rihanna who would swap body parts if that power should ever come to be.

Brooklyn shared, “I envy this ass. Are you kidding me?”

While Rihanna played it coy about her famous derriere, Brooklyn insisted she’d love a piece of it. For the record, we think they are both very beautiful ladies. But to find out if scores were settled and if any body parts got swapped, check out “MTV First: Battleship” tonight at 7:56 PM on MTV.