Chloe Moretz Making Her Own Dress For 'Carrie' Remake

Between her roles in "Let Me In," "The Eye" and the upcoming "Carrie" remake, Chloe Moretz could become our new little mistress of horror.

MTV News caught up with the young actress at CinemaCon recently where she said that this is going to be the most method role she's ever delved into. Moretz said that one of the ways she's going to try to delve into the character of Carrie is to go all Scarlett O'Hara on this flick and make her own dress -- likely for the infamous prom scene.

"I might be making my own dress," Moretz said. "One of my ideas for the character was to actually go and make my own dress, and I'm actually using my friend's old drapes and making my own dress, and I'm going to sew it and everything, and I'm actually going to go out and wear it for a few weeks. I'm sure you guys are going to get some great, lovely photos of me walking down the street in some weird A-line thing, but it will be good. It will put me in there."

The 1976 Brian De Palma film is one of the most iconic horror movies of all time, but Moretz seems to have more than enough faith in "Boys Don't Cry" director Kimberly Pierce reworking such seminal material. It turns out that this flick will go back to Stephen King's original novel while still taking notes from De Palma's first go at the story.

"De Palma's movie is absolutely amazing. Kim is actually really good friends with De Palma, and they're talking about the movie and they're good friends, so we're taking a lot of his notes," Moretz said. "But what we're actually doing is we're taking the book and we're breaking the book down and we're putting a lot of elements of the book into our story, so it's more of like a 'Black Swan' version of it. So you really see the mythology of the character and you really see everything going on with Carrie. It's darker."

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