Tom Hiddleston Shows Us His 'Avengers' Script In Today's Twitter-Wood!

Only one more week until the "Avengers" assemble in theaters! We've been ready to don a pair of Iron Man 3-D glasses since the announcement that a movie was in the works (and the announcement that Iron Man 3-D glasses were a real thing!).

But we've been able to compose our excitement as Marvel released tons of clips, posters and movie stills to tide us over until May 4. One of our favorite pre-released scenes is when Iron Man confronts Loki and reminds him exactly who he's up against. Actor Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thor's scorned brother, tweeted a picture of his script from that very scene and it features our favorite line, too! He wrote, "Here's a fun & familiar excerpt from my copy of Joss Whedon's #Avengers screenplay. #theyhaveahulk #s--- #notideal." It's easy to see why Hiddleston is turning into one of our favorite tweeters.

Also in April 27, 2012's Twitter-Wood, Josh Duhamel tweets a photo from the "Don Peyote" set, Eva Longoria wraps "Desperate Housewives" and more!

@joshduhamel 'Don Peyote' 2013

-Josh Duhamel, actor ("Transformers")

@EvaLongoria That's a wrap! End of an era! #desperatehousewives

-Eva Longoria, actrees ("Desperate Housewives")

@nicholasstoller #fiveyearengagement is out today! See it! You will have sex afterwards! If that's what you want!

-Nicholas Stoller, director ("Get Him to the Greek")

@TheRealNimoy Enterprise is landing at JFK in NY today. She's going to the Intrepid Museum.. LLAP

-Leonard Nimoy, actor ("Star Trek")

@russellcrowe off to the gym, another big singing day...going to suggest slight plot change for #lesmis...JVJ caught and sent to guillotine, thoughts?

-Russell Crowe, actor ("Cinderella Man")

@DougBenson Not sure why they didn't call this movie SUPER COOPERS. #LiveTweet #TheItalianJob

-Doug Benson, comedian

@rainnwilson If I ever broke Adele's heart, I'd want the song she wrote about me to be called "Nothin' Like The Rain(n)".

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("The Office")

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