'The Raven', 'Five-Year Engagement', And More: Double Feature Friday!

The Raven The Crow

This week at the movies may be remembered by future generations as "the weekend before 'The Avengers' came out," but there are a few movies worth checking out this weekend, "Sound of My Voice" being the clear standout of the group. If you're looking for some movies to watch this weekend, we've got your playlist.

Check out this week's Double Feature Friday!

"The Raven" & "The Crow"

Perhaps before heading to the theater to learn about Edgar Allen Poe's favorite bird, you can check out a different gothic feathered friend. Director Alex Proyas made a name for himself as a visual stylist with this comic book adaptation. The story of a murdered rock star, who rises from the dead for revenge, is remembered most for being the movie where Brandon Lee died. (The commercial for the Blu-ray re-release grossly brags that it's Lee's "final tragic performance.") Lee's performance is definitely one worth seeking out, and it's fun to see what kind of work Proyas was doing before making movies with Will Smith and Nicolas Cage.

"The Five-Year Engagement" & "A Very Long Engagement"

A few years after director Jean-Pierre Jeuent and Audrey Tautou made the world say "Awwww" with "Amélie," they reteamed for "A Very Long Engagement," a much different look at that challenging time before getting hitched. Instead of the winters of Michigan, Tautou and her on-screen beau had to suffer through World War I. Kind of puts things into perspective, doesn't it? "A Very Long Engagement," like "Amélie," grabs onto you through Jeuent's stunning visuals but holds on with a story that you can't help but see through to the end.

"Safe" & "The Bank Job"

Jason Statham occupies a unique space within the realm of action movies. Like the pony-tailed master himself, Steven Seagal, Statham has carved out his own brand of action. "Safe," by all accounts fits comfortably in that genre of wise-ass-kicker movies. One Statham film that never got the recognition of a "Transporter" or a "Crank," "The Bank Job" stands out as a different kind of movie. Based on a true story, "The Bank Job" is your run of the mill British crime caper, but one with a lot more intelligence than is usually allowed in a Statham film. So if you're a fan of His Baldness, The Statham, a viewing of this overlooked gem is highly recommended.

"Sound of My Voice" & "Another Earth"

Brit Marling took two films to Sundance in 2011, and both straddle the line between indie and sci-fi in two distinct ways. Each takes a low-key, low budget approach to a rather high concept, be it a second identical planet floating in our sky or a young woman claiming to be from 2054. Marling has proven two things with these movies: (1) That her quiet brand of science fiction is some of the most intriguing being made today, and (2) As an actress, there are few others working today as entrancing to watch. The films tackle different emotional topics, but play off each other in a way that enriches both.

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